Welcome to WaterMark Engineering

What we do

WM are dedicated to providing our clients with professional mechanical engineering services and management of all aspects of the built environment, especially in the areas of commercial and domestic heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

We carry out designs ranging from multiple domestic heating and hot water systems to full commercial plant room and distribution system refurbishment - overseeing projects and maintaining the specification, as well as monitoring financial control on behalf of the client.

Why choose us?

Not only does WME have more than 30 years experience but furthermore we seek to establish a competitive edge in our target market by increasing our level of customer contact to a degree that we think other competitors seem to sometimes lack. We possess the necessary skills to provide the customer service and produce the design quality that are needed in building services engineering, especially when it comes to designing for larger and more complex commercial projects.

We want our clients to trust in the professional reputation and reliability of the consultancy firm.

"We deliver what we say we're going to deliver,
when we say we're delivering it"

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